Monday, January 30, 2006

Mkst Shmunt

Mike Stevens was a friend of mine from college who was a synthesizer freak and sound perfectionist. He'd take days and days to work out the perfect settings and drum programs for a piece. Eventually he was given an incredible Korg sampling keyboard by his parents as a bribe to stay in school. I collected recordings and sounds and everything I could as source material from him whenever I could. Scores of my tapes feature his intelligent sampling and sound creations. I can do no justice in describing how demanding he was on himself in arriving at the perfect sound and effect. He used his keen awareness of synthetic disco to keep it all away from sterility.

Mkst Shmunt is a mix from the Big Blur with Mkst, Shmuzorft [nl] and "Untitled" by -1348- [dc]. The result is a typically dense and overbearing melange of treatments and terrain.

Awl Mighty Mkst

Awl Mighty Mkst has seven pieces pairing Mkst with Agog [ca], Tom Furgas [oh], Nick [in] and Tuf [jp]. I enjoy hearing this tape for the sheer diversity of experience. Much too difficult to easily and objectively discuss.

Mkst Fifth -

I feel that Mkst Fifth is the best tape in the series. It is a wonderfully sensitive yet demanding recording of five pieces ranging from ambient to wall of sound attacks. These were all masterfully played samples of a source tape I received from Fifth Column in Japan.

What those unnatural lengths of rope suggested

What those unnatural lengths of rope suggested is a collection of pieces inspired by H.P. Lovecraft where I combined Mkst with other collaborators to define a sinister feeling that I got from reading H.P Lovecraft's wild stories.

Blistering Tentacles

Blistering Tentacles is a technologically foreboding work with my pairing of various samples with Tom Furgas [oh]drum tracks with Mkst electronics.